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Record Webcam, Desktop and Picture in Picture

Our Features include:

  • Record Desktop, Webcam, or both with Picture in Picture
  • Use the send video / send audio checkboxes to send the content you want to record
  • Use the drag fucntion or enter in specific sizes to control the recording size window
  • Change fps and bitrate to suit all recording needs

These days media is becoming easier to create and store for other people to see. The new podcasts and video shows are making it possible for everyone to have their own media network. However, finding the right screen recorder is not an easy task. There are so many options to choose from and there has been no free screen recorder that is worthwhile until now. This software is completely free and yet it offers some of the major functions and features of the other more expensive recorders that you might find on the internet.

Finding the right screen recorder for you or your show is more than just looking for free, however. You also want to make sure that the best screen recorder is easy to use and provides a good quality product. With the screen recording on this software, you will not be disappointed with either requirement. You will be able to get the screen recording that you need in order to be professional and have everyone enjoy your production. At the same time, you will be able to use one of the best user interfaces for screen recording that you have probably ever seen

It is a good idea to use the best screen recorder that you can find and there is nothing better than this one. If you ensure that you are able to get the right software, you can have a high quality show or production that few people could compare. Best of all, you can get all of this for free. Those who want to have a screen recorder that is free and bound to make other people envious at the quality, need to get this software as soon as they can. It will provide results not seen before in a long time.